StarCraft Battle Chest

  • $30.00

Developer: Blizzard 
Year of Release: 1999 
Media Type: CD-ROM 


Enter the universe of StarCraft and experience the future of strategic combat. This exclusive set inculdes the full version of Blizzard's blockbuster hit StarCraft and the critically-acclaimed StarCraft Expansion Set: Brood War. Two bonus strategy guides have also been included to aid in your battle for galactic domination. 

It's a time of crisis. Three of the most powerful forces in the universe are headed on a collision course for galactic domination. Whether you command the nomadic Terran, mysterious Protoss, or voracious Zerg, you must devise unique strategies to survive the acid-drenched, fire-scorched battles of the future. 

Box Contents: 

  • 2 CD-ROM Discs
  • Product Manuals
  • Prima's Official Strategy Guides
  • Troop Chart

Condition Notes: 

Box is worn but overall is in good condition. Disks and guides are all in good shape.