Age of Wonders

  • $20.00

Developer: Triumph 
Year of Release: 1999 
Media Type: CD-ROM 


The story begins in the early days of Earth when a fragile balance of peace exists between all races. The introduction of Humans into this utopian world marks the beginning of violent and bloody times. In its quest to expand and destroy, this new race lays waste to the ruling Elfin court. From the rubble, two factions emerge: the vengeful Cult of Storms and the peace-loving Keepers. 

Choice of automatic or turn-based tactical combat. Conjure over 100 spells over seven spheres of magic. Battle your way through vast open areas, breach the outer wall in city sieges and explore dark dungeons. Make critical decisions involving siege units, heroes, captured towns, magic spells, immunity and stealth. Explore the realm with the aid of a highly sophisticated map editor and huge, detailed maps including subterranean areas, terrain interaction and dozens of special locations. 

Box Contents: 

  • CD-ROM Disc
  • Installation Guide
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Product Flyer
  • Registration Card

Condition Notes: 

Box is worn but in good shape. Several labels are affixed to the front and bottom of the box, some original and some added by a collector. CD is in great condition.